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MONGOLIA.gif (1153 bytes)    Mongolia

Embassy Address:
2833 M Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: 202-333-7117
Fax: 202-298-9227
 E-Mail: esyam@mongolianembassy.us
Mongolian Embassy in the USA

Permanent Mission to the U.N.:
6 East 77th Street
New York, N.Y. 10075
Phone: 212-861-9460
Fax: 212-861-9464
E-Mail: mongolia@un.int 
Permanent Mission to the U.N.

The Government of Mongolia 
President of Mongolia

US Embassy at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Government Ministries and Agencies

Investing, Doing Business in Mongolia

Mongolian Newspapers, News Media

Other Links On Mongolia

  • Parliament of Mongolia
  • Virtual Mongol: in English and Japanese. Nature, people, religion, history, links.
  • Discover Mongolia. Official Tourism Website of Mongolia
  • Mongolian Views
  • Mongol Empire: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. history, organization, legacy, references.
  • Political Resources on the Net: Mongolia. Constitution, election, government, political parties, ministries, newspapers, embassies overseas.
  • Governments on the WWW: Mongolia. National institutions, representations in foreign countries, other institutions, additional information.
  • AdmiNet, Mongolia: Links to other countries, government, parliament, political organizations, cities & towns, agriculture, law, culture, industries, travel, education, etc.
  • Mongolian Culture. Site presents the culture of Mongolia and its culture through a photo montage gallery and articles about Mongolian history. There are also photos of the Festival of Mongolia held in New York in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and images of Mongolia, Mongolians and its cultural attractions.
  • The Mongol Society, Inc.: a private, non-profit organization interested in promoting and furthering the study of Mongolia. Publishes journals and occasional papers.
  • United Nations in Mongolia: UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNHCHR, IMF, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, FAO. Publications, links.
  • International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI): general information, foreign investment law, banking, customs law, law of taxation, FAQ about Mongolia.
  • State Property Committee, Government of Mongolia. Privatization project, its progress and implementations.
  • Gobi Expeditions. Round trips to most beautiful places, active adventure tours, horse riding tours, tours for groups and individuals, jeep safari, etc.
  • Mongoliana. Travel, news, economy & industry, maps, events, history, etc.
  • Mongolian Resorts. Mongolia Hotel Travel Agency.
  • Discover Mongolia. Travel to Mongolia and discover its scenic beauty: Mongolia tours and holidays.

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