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CHINA.gif (537 bytes)   People's Republic of China

Chinese Embassy Address:
3505, International Place, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20008
Telephone: 202-495-2266
E-mail: chinaembpress_us@mfa.gov.cn
 Embassy of People's Republic of China in the USA
Chinese Permanent Mission to the U.N.
350 East 35th Street
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-655-6100
Fax: 212-634-7626
E-mail: chinamission_un@fmprc.gov.cn
Chinese Permanent Mission to the UN

U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China

Chinese Consulates in:
Chicago | Houston | Los Angeles
New York | San Francisco

U.S. Consulates in:
Chengdu | Guangzhou | Hong Kong

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Government Ministries & Agencies

Chinese Organizations in North America

Chinese Online News Media

Chinese Law

Doing Business in China

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  • Taishan.com.Taishan is well known as being "China's First Homeland for Overseas Chinese".   It is the native place to about 1.3 million overseas Chinese people from over 80 countries. Most of these overseas Chinese are first- or second-generation immigrants living in foreign countries.
  • Destination China: Lonely Planet. Facts, environment, history, economic profile, culture, facts for the travellers, attractions, getting around, recommended reading.

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