Stephen Manoj Thompson

Stephen Manoj Thompson, Ph.D., an Indian-born American writer, is the author of "Land of Opportunity Forever,'" "Coma Story," and "Customer Majesty." His first book was named a finalist for the Independent Booksellers Book of the Year Award. Stephen's writing is characterized by his "plain" language and timely social awareness. He is also the Editor and Publisher of, a news editorial website. Stephen has travelled the globe extensively and his in-depth understanding about different cultures and business is modish. He is also a committed advocate who speaks regularly about high-school dropout issues.

Stephen started his career as an IT executive, specialized in systems management area, and currently dwells in the "Show-Me State." He holds a Ph.D. is Management Information Systems, bachelors in Business Management, advance diploma in Computer Programming and diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a member of various cultural and business organizations that promotes social awareness and entrepreneurship. Manoj (as known in India) was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the son of Mr. Stephen Thompson Sr., retired engineer from Indian Space Research Organization and Mrs. Rani Stephen, agriculture professional.


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