Buu-Van A.J. Rasih

Buu-Van A.J. Rasih was born on March 1, 1950 in Luangprabang, Laos. He was the youngest son of three children to his Vietnamese parents. He attended Laotian school where French was primary language. Buu-Van's childhood multi-lingual experience laid the ground work for more to come.  Observing that there was no dam construction and no irrigation system available in Laos, Buu-Van majored in hydraulic engineering in Nonthabury, Thailand, where he also learned to speak Thai. While he initiated his career in irrigation engineering in Laos, Buu-Van also worked for the United States Agency for the International Development (USAID); thus English became a part of his language repertoire.  Since he speak five languages, Buu-Van jokes, "I'm Polyglot!".  When he arrived in San Diego, California, USA on April 9, 1976, he coordinated the resettlement activities Indochinese refugees and began his work as an Approved Court Interpreter and Translator for the San Diego Superior Court in Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese languages the following year. 

Since then he interpreted in a number of languages.  He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Childe Community Legal Services, he was an Interpreter Examiner for the Washington State Superior Court in 1993 and became a "Language and Culture Expert Witness" by accident when a defense attorney subpoenaed him.  He also sharpened his financial skill as a Life and Health Underwriter with New York Life Financial Services where he was recognized for outstanding sales and management performance and qualified for New York Life Executive Council two years in a row and also qualified Applicant for Million Dollar Round Table.  He has been an owner of Global Childe for the last 19 years.  He meets his other half Vilaykhone Connie Simuong, and they are married on January 29, 1977.  They later go on to have three children; Bobby Amata, was born on January 20, 1978, George Amarit was born on August 11, 1984, and Valentina Cupid was born on February 01, 1994.

In 1994 he gets ordained as a Christian, in Las Vegas, Nevada and fells presence of the Holy Spirit.  After this incident Buu-Van dives into literature, and begins writing new Modern American poetry.  He is a winner of both the Asian Heritage Awards 2006 for the art, philosophy and literature and the International Poets Society for the Editor's Choice Awards in 2005 and 2006.  Marriage, family, romantic relations and trust-they all form the basis of "My Other Half" a piece of work revealing his concern for marriage ending up in divorce due to lack of understanding of dependence, romantic relations, and trust.  A remarkable ambitious undertaking, it is a fruit of working for the juvenile dependency and delinquency in family, adult, deportation hearing, immigration, criminal and juvenile courts for the past 23 years.  He is a communicator and the enchantment that comes from his writings, comes from his blessed hear and his deep feelings on the American culture of life and society to transform humanity from within and to make it new.  His simplest of his new modern American poems can snap open, enlightening people's lives, enhance people's pleasure of language. Many of his new modern American poems are rooted in American life, culture, society, family values, faith, justice, civilization and Christianity.  All of his new modern American poems come from the heart of an American Spirit, the America's New Triumph.

Buu-Van has continued promoted employment, business and cultural opportunities for Southeast Asian and South African communities.  His many community leadership positions include: City Commissioner of the San Diego Human Relations Commission, Chairman of the Board of the California Court Interpreters Association, Indochinese Council of the San Diego City Council Third District, International Mutual Assistance Association, Indochinese/Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Coalition for the Homeless and the Indochinese Community Relations Office Storefront Mid City of San Diego.  He has been an advocate and integral link between the Southeast Asian and South African communities of San Diego and government services for more than 20 years, first as San Diego's first Human Relations Commissioner, helping resolve discrimination, crime, gang and employment issues, until today, working as an Approved Court Interpreter/Translator in federal, state and municipal court systems.  He co-founded the first Indochinese Community Service Officers San Diego Mid City and East San Diego, earning him a City Council Commendation and a San Diego County Board of Supervisors Proclamation, and as a co-founder of the Indochinese/Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, was instrumental in promoting the growth of more than 400 Vietnamese businesses.

To many Asian Americans, Buu-Ban is a hero as he is a community advocate, a community leader, and a language and culture expert.  He has balanced a litany of volunteer duties with business career that includes leading upcoming International Cultural Village of the New Millennium and an America's New Triumph Monument.  He has touched so many lives through work with the United States Catholic Conference Migration Refugee Services and San Diego Catholic Charities, Agapi/Tolstoy Foundation, International Mutual Assistance Association, Indochinese Cultural Fairs, Asian Art and Freedom Festivals, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese New Year Celebrations, San Diego Human Relations Commission and San Diego Coalition for the Homeless. He is listed in 2009 Marquis Who's Who in America.  He enjoys reading, traveling, collecting American memorabilia, politics, economics, art, music and poetry.

He continues to work on establishing platforms for people to appreciate and learn about each other's cultures and to create a better global world.


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