Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh

Prince Buu Chanh is one of the busiest patriots working for the restoration of dignity, democracy and constitutional monarchy in Viet-Nam as well as Indochina as a whole. His Highness is currently General Secretary of the Vietnamese Imperial Family Overseas Central Council, President of the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League, President of the Southeast Asia Imperial & Royal League and Vice-Chairman of The British Committee for Free Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Burma.

          "Born on February 12, 1942 in the Imperial City, Hue, the once great Capital of the Empire, Prince Nguyen Phuoc Buu Chanh was born under the Imperial Family of Prince Kien Hoa (the Duke of Kien Hoa), who was the 71st son of the Emperor Minh Mang.

          Prince Nguyen Phuoc Buu Chanh holds the same family rank as the Emperor Khai Dinh (the late father of Emperor Bao Dai). Emperor Khai Dinh (1916-1925) is only an Imperial title, his birth name was Prince Nguyen Phuoc Buu Dao. As Emperor Bao Dai's (1926-1945) birth name is Prince Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Thuy. Vinh being the 5th word of the Imperial Poem."

          Prince Buu Chanh attended the National High School at Hue, Viet-Nam before earning a B.A. degree in Literature at Hue University. From 1964-1970 His Highness attended Dalat University where he earned masters degrees in Political Science and Business Administration. He then worked as assistant to Colonel Nguyen Be at the Ministry of Rural Revolutionary Development, Chi Linh - Vung Tau Center. From 1971-1973 His Highness was General Director of the 4th Tactic Zone at the Ministry of Economy in Saigon and until 1975 was Assistant General Director of the Vissan Company in the Ministry of Industry, Saigon. After 1975 Prince Buu Chanh was, like many others, forced into exile and moved to the United States. From 1982-1984 he attended Northeastern Illinois University where he graduated with high honors with a B.S. in Information Science.

          On March 18, 1994 Prince Buu Chanh was decorated with the United States Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom and was recognized by the Republican Party, "for distinction and achievement in helping to promote and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Republican Party" beside Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. and was recognized as a prominent leader. On June 16, 1995 Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Senator Alphonse M. D'Amato awarded the Prince with a personalized Eternal Flame of Freedom Brass Medallion and was nominated to have his name engraved on the Ronald Wilson Reagan Eternal Flame of Freedom monument in Washington DC.

       Prince Buu Chanh is currently working with the Royal Family of Laos, Vietnamese exiles and members of the British Parliament to promote the restoration of democracy and human rights, along with free traditional governments to the people of Southeast Asia as well as Vietnam.

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