Gajanan Bhat

Gajanan Bhat brings over 20 years of experience in management and technology innovations in software product development and delivery for financial, telecommunication, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Gajanan has a deep rooted passion for founding and building great technology startup companies. Before Claridyne, Gajanan co-founded several successful start-ups and has held executive, engineering, and operations roles at companies. He has a long history of building teams and bringing to market a broad range of software and services.

Prior to founding Claridyne, he was President and CEO of TechLever Inc., a software development and professional services company located in Silicon Valley, CA where he led new business and technology initiatives. Gajanan has held senior engineering and management positions conceptualizing, innovating and successfully implementing software engineering projects for VISA International, Mervyns, General Electric, Helene Curtis, IMR (now CGI), EDS, Fujitsu, Clorox, PriceWaterhouseCooper, and Data Basics Corp.

Gajanan believes that “it is people who build successful organizations”. As President and CEO of Claridyne Inc., the global leader in the Enterprise Service Provider Infrastructure Solutions in data communication, telecommunication and utility services domains, Gajanan has played multiple but effective roles as CEO, CTO and VP of Engineering and is responsible for product vision, product strategy and engineering.

Gajanan is also the chief architect of ClarVantage, a flagship product of Claridyne. With a "by the people, for the people" approach, Gajanan and his team have built a flexible, and powerful software platform to help reduce cost and complexity of service provider business operations. His approach to product development is to trust autonomous teams of really smart people to deliver amazing innovations in an iterative and open environment.

Gajanan possess technical knowledge of hardware and software infrastructure, operations and business processes which allow him to be successful virtually in any environment.

Gajanan currently serves as chairman and director on the board of Claridyne Inc. He has authored and published several books in international markets.

He received his MS degree in Physics from Dharwad University, India.

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