Dr. Sridhar Reddy Allam, M.D.,M.P.H.

Dr. Allam is a leading physician-scientist in the field of Nephrology. He was born in India and completed his medical schooling from Andhra Medical College, one of the premier medical schools in southern India. Dr. Allam won numerous prestigious awards in India including the coveted research grant from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) as a medical student and the ‘Best undergraduate scientific paper presentation’ award from Indian Public Health Association (IPHA) in 2002 for presentation of his research on prevalence of hypertension in India.

Dr. Allam moved to the United States in 2003 after he was accepted into the prestigious Masters program at University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston (UTSPH), TX. While in Houston, Dr.Allam also worked as a research fellow at the nation’s top cancer center, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where he contributed to the development of novel therapeutics for gastrointestinal cancers that led to co-authorship of a book chapter on upper gastrointestinal malignancies in ‘MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology’.

After obtaining his MPH degree from UTSPH, Dr. Allam specialized in Internal Medicine at world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH and was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 2008. Dr. Allam is currently the Chief Nephrology Fellow at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, one of the top medical schools and research centers in the US. At Mount Sinai, Dr. Allam not only provides world class care to patients, but is also involved in ground breaking research. He is currently studying the genomics of kidney and liver transplantation. He presented his research at various national and international conferences. For his research, he was recognized by the European Renal Association and was awarded the "Young Investigator Award" in 2008, cementing his reputation internationally.

Dr. Allam is a member of numerous prestigious organizations like American Society of Nephrology, American Society of Transplantation, National Kidney Foundation, American Medical Association and American College of Physicians. He is also the founder and the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Nephrology World’ (http://nephrologyworld.blogspot.com), which is a popular online educational resource for young nephrologists from all over the world.


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