Vinod Aggarwal, Ph.D.

Dr. Vinod Aggarwal is Professor in the Department of Political Science, Affiliated Professor of Business and Public Policy in the Haas School of Business, and Director of the Berkeley Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Study Center (BASC) at the University of California at Berkeley.  He has been at Berkeley since 1980, and from 1991-1994 was Chairman of the Political Economy of Industrial Societies Program.  He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Business and Politics.

Prof. Aggarwal received his B.A. in political science and psychology from the University of Michigan and his M.A. and Ph.D. in international political economy from Stanford University.  He has been a Research Fellow and Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution, a Rockefeller Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations Fellow, Visiting Professor and Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, and a Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center.

Dr. Aggarwal consults regularly with multinational corporations on strategic planning, trade policy, and international negotiations. In the public sector, he has been a consultant to the Mexican Government, the U.S. Department of Commerce, OECD, the Group of Thirty, IFAD, and the World Bank.  In 1990, he was Special Adviser on Trade Negotiations to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in connection with the GATT Uruguay Round negotiations and has also served as an adviser to Dr. Fred Bergsten, Chairman of the APEC Eminent Persons Group. He is a frequent speaker in Executive Education programs in the United States and Europe. In 1997, he won the Cheit Outstanding Teaching Award at the Haas School of Business.

His authored books include Liberal Protectionism, International Debt Threat, Debt Games, Le Renseignement Stratégique d'Entreprise, Une Nouvelle Approche des Phénoménes Sociaux: Les Horloges Sociales, and he has edited Institutional Designs for a Complex World and Asia-Pacific Crossroads.  He is currently editing three books for publication by Palgrave Publications on European, American, and Japanese corporate market and nonmarket strategies in Asia.   Prof. Aggarwal has also published over 40 articles on the politics of trade and finance.  His current research examines comparative regionalism in Europe, North America, and Asia with a focus on implications for the international system and multinational corporations.  Dr. Aggarwal speaks five languages.  He was born in Seattle, Washington.


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