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Asian American Net is the first and only web site whose mission is to serve all Asian American communities and to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Asia and North America. It is a unique web site in the sense that it endeavors to highlight and promote all the different Asian cultures and peoples as well as the Asian Americans originally from all these countries. This site encourages high school, college, and university students and teachers to learn more about Asia, and reminds Asian Americans of their national and cultural origins of which they can be proud.

Asian American communities are the fastest growing ethnic and nationality groups in the United States, and many communities have formed their own organizations based on their national origins. This web site lists the organizations of persons of Asian descent, not only in the United States, but also in Canada.

Many Asian Americans have contributed significantly to their communities and the American society at large.  In an effort to recognize the contributions of prominent Asian Americans, we are now publishing their biographies on our “Who’s Who of Asian Americans” page. We believe that those who have made significant achievements in their chosen careers and professional fields deserve recognition. Publication of their biographies will enable people around the world to see how much people of Asian descent have accomplished in the United States. These biographies will also serve as inspiration and role models for young Asian Americans.

Many schools in the United States have Asian American Studies Programs or Centers. This site lists all those schools.  We also list those schools which have Asian Studies Programs in general as well as Programs concentrating on a specific region of Asia.

One of the primary features of this web site is the collection of regional and country-specific materials available on the Internet. Each country on the Asian continent is listed under one of the five regional groups, i.e., Central Asia, East Asia/Far East, Middle East/West Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Another attractions of this site is the listing of local language, as well as English, online newspapers and magazines. The most up-to-date news about an Asian country now can be found on the Internet on a daily basis, as almost all the countries on the Asian continent have their own Internet versions of the news media. This site, therefore, is an important source of news and information about the Asian regions as a whole and specific Asian countries in particular.

Almost all the countries in Asia have diplomatic representatives in Washington, D.C., and the addresses of their embassies are presented in each country’s page. Many embassies have their own home pages, which are also important sources of information not only about their services, but also about each country’s government, economy, society, culture, etc.  In addition, the web sites of the American embassies in different Asian countries are also listed in individual country pages.

Anyone interested in any aspect of Asia should find this web site invaluable in terms of resources available on the Internet. Please bookmark this web site, and visit us frequently at: www.asianamerican.net

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